Trend alert: contrast sleeves - Blog Benetton

Trend alert: contrast sleeves

Maybe they come from the varsity jackets, we don’t know, but garments with sleeves of different materials is a big trend for this season

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Portraits of strangers - Blog Benetton

Portraits of strangers

On his Facebook page, Danny Santos defines himself as a “weekend photographer” and among his photographic projects he has one that is dedicated to portraying people on the streets of Singapore.

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Get our looks - Blog Benetton

Get our looks

Casual, military chic, rocker or biker couples: all that we enjoy in magazines or printed in a catalog doesn’t have to be unattainable

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Marshmallow show - Blog Benetton

Marshmallow show

If you have followed my adventures on this blog for the last year, my latest hair craziness might not surprise you…

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Balloons and Childhood - Blog Benetton

Balloons and Childhood

We all love our childhood memories. What we play, what we eat or what we wear can often bring back memories…

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