3D flavors

3D flavors - Blog Benetton3D flavors - Blog Benetton

Remember we mentioned before the amazing world created by 3D printers? We talked about their many applications in design objects, portraits, jewelry and more. But when we thought that it was already very cool, it turns out that you can make a couple of adjustments, and voila! Food in three dimensions.

For now it’s more of a curiosity that only a few can enjoy, but this trend is gaining in popularity, due to the endless possibilities of customization of this type of product. Imagine how great it would be to make a chocolate lollipop or jelly figure with the image of someone special. Well, you don’t need to imagine, because there’s a cafe in Japan where you can print a full face or body portrait of another person from a photo, or live scanning.

3D flavors - Blog Benetton3D flavors - Blog Benetton3D flavors - Blog Benetton

And if you want to make custom shaped cookies that traditional molds can’t reproduce, take a look at these luxurious biscuits.

3D flavors - Blog Benetton

But we understand that sometimes food is too beautiful to eat it, so there are also sugar sculptures that you can gaze at (and if you change your mind, you still can put a little piece in your coffee).

3D flavors - Blog Benetton

And finally, look at how people get super creative and invent unusual things, like shoe-shaped burgers

Photos credits: sugarlab / ralfholleis / dvice / shapeways

3D flavors - Blog Benetton

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