A January sales outfit!

Hi everybody, I wish you all a happy 2012!
I really enjoyed these Christmas Holidays, but at the same time I did miss you guys… I’m really glad to have you back. :)

I’ve been in Barcelona, a city I’ve always wanted to see, the last week of December and what can I say… I loved it! I will soon post everything about the trip on this blog, but now it’s time to talk about sales! Yes, because as soon as I got back to Milan the January sales frenzy started and I embarked on a whole weekend of shopping! Did you happen to see the crazy sales that wait for you in Benetton’s stores? No? Well, go and have a look!

Here’s an outfit I prepared to give you just a little idea of what you could find. I decided to wear a wool dress in a beautiful sand color, incredibly comfortable and with a giant neck that really drew my attention, with a short brown overcoat with hood and big pockets. As accessories, I chose a pair of high, but comfortable, brown decolleté and a wine purple doctor’s bag.

This and much more waits for you in every Benetton store: you just have to choose what you like the most. :)

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