A new year and a new green start…

Hello and Happy 2012! How was your festive holidays?

I am currently on a 2 month long vacation in my motherland in Hong Kong to explore my culture that I haven’t yet discovered – old and new towns, food, shops and of course meeting HK fashion bloggers. Since taking up residence in a remote countryside in northern HK near the border of China, I’ve started to appreciate the greenery and its surrounding environment – the mountains, wetlands, country parks, even wild boars and hummingbirds that I’ve recently encountered (by chance), the plus side is HK citizens are encouraged to take up recycling due to its mass population in the city there aren’t any vacant lands left to fill our domestic rubbish. Recycling bins are provided in the residential areas.

I’m wearing Benetton‘s knitted sweater to keep me warm while cycling at a sea dam in HK.

Happy 2012!

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