A New York Moment

A New York Moment - Blog Benetton

A brand new season is almost here: first the September Issues of our favorite magazines, then all the major fashion weeks and at last BAM! we’ll be in full fall mode.

At Benetton we have begun to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to summer but we want to make a smooth transition with all these garments which can be used in different seasons, which are perfect for the wardrobe, those ones that improve when they go on layers…

A New York Moment - Blog BenettonA New York Moment - Blog Benetton

So we decided to take a stroll through New York and rejoice if it rains or if it’s a sunny day. The time is perfect for walking, hugging friends and having great style.

To see the full tour visit our official website.

A New York Moment - Blog Benetton

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