A perfect winter jacket and a man bag

As you know winter coat is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make to wear during the cold season months, I’m hoping to break the boundary by not investing a new winter coat as I hadn’t done so for the past 3 years, what I needed in my winter wardrobe staple is a warm winter ‘jacket’, a length that sits nicely on the hip line. Indeed I have found ‘the one’ from Benetton, a soft mustardy wool blazer which also comes in grey, I have yet to wear it, maybe with the man bag.

I always admire men’s rucksacks for their basic feature, dark in colour, non-trendy, seasonal and functional for all purpose. I’ve purchased this Benetton rucksack together with the yellow wool jacket, I’m pleased to tell you the rucksack is perfect, took the bag to a day out and it managed to fit all my shopping in and survived being battered amongst the busy street of shoppers.

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