A photo, an act of faith

Fernando Montiel Klint is a Mexican photographer in his late 30’s, he studied photography at the Active School of Photography and at the Image Center.

He has a series of pictures called Actos de Fe (Acts of Faith) and we think they are very interesting because he works around the meaning of faith in contemporary life, not necessarily involving religion. In many of these actions, and scenes of Fernando’s series, he generates absurd atmospheres and realities.

In another series, called Nirvana, he works in very closed spaces, portraying the subjects in a state of Nirvana, which means the highest level of spirituality that can be achieved. This work has a little touch of irony but it also tries to evoke quietness and tranquility.

Fernando works in a similar way to a painter and he frequently uses a camera with a big format. You can see more of his work in his official page. The last picture from this post belongs to the series of Espacio confinado (Confined space).

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