A stairway to heaven

Today we are going to talk about an exhibition by photographer – Ninagawa Mika.

Ninagawa Mika was born in Tokyo, and she is the most popular photographer in Japan now. Her work has a variety of styles, such as bright colors and vivid visuals. We can see the different visual arts through her camera.

This time, she collaborates on the book Stairway to heaven with Ashin who is the vocalist of Taiwanese rock band – Mayday. Mayday is very popular in Asia, and Ashin is good at writing, he writes most of Mayday’s lyrics. This book combines visual arts and romance, that’s why we are so excited about the exhibition and also the book.

The name of the book Stairway to heaven is from 70’s classic rock band Led Zeppelin, and the conception of the book is “Love, the only way to Heaven”. With Ninagawa Mika’s vivid photos and Ashin’s lovely poem, we can see the variety of Love and the beauty of Tokyo.

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