A technological fairy tale

I’m thirty and most of my friends have or are having children.

Every time I talk with them about their babies, it feels like I’m entering a whole new world, made of absolute love and a great deal of joy, but also of daily worries.

Modern life, with its frantic rhythm and its tight schedule, often forces parents to stay away from home all day. Sometimes, work duties make them travel, keeping them away from their loved ones for days. As a natural consequence, most parents feel guilty for not being with their children in their daily life, for not being there to feed them, wash them, play with them and… read their favorite fairy tales.

Well, browsing the internet I stumbled upon a tech gadget that I think is going to make a lot of parents happy: Anybook! The device is a simple reader that will allow you to record yourself reading a book to your child so they can have you with them, even when you’re not there. Anybook will record your voice on a set of special stickers that you attach to the pages of the book you are reading: when your baby puts the reader on the stickers he will listen to you reading the book… isn’t it cool?

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