A versatile outfit and its accessories

A good technique when buying new clothes is to ask yourself, what other things – that I already have – can I combine with this piece that I’m going to buy?

Some pieces are very easy to combine, others, not so much, certainly. Have you ever wondered what happens if everything you have goes with everything else?

Lets take as an example this look from our autumn-winter 2012 runway:

A versatile outfit and its accessories - Blog Benetton

There are a lot of ideas that we can take from the picture. To begin with, the big details: you can give another aspect to the look by wearing pants rolled up at the bottom so you can show your socks. If you do this, fun socks are obligatory!

Another detail? To strengthen the contrast of colors, don’t just think about your clothes, but your lips too, in this post we told you how to do it. Hats are always a great accessory and long cardigans are a cute variation to basic sweaters.

A versatile outfit and its accessories - Blog Benetton

Now, lets get to the task of deconstructing the look, just what you do when you are at the store, asking yourself, in what other way can I use those pink pants, the long cardigan or the orange shirt?

It’s simple, it’s your turn to try it! The best news? You can find all the pieces the model is wearing in our autumn-winter collection, which is already available in store.

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