A young dream catcher

This week I wanted to show you a promising photographer.
I had the chance to work with her and then we became friends. She has an amazing talent and a special artistic universe. We met up at home for a quick interview on my balcony, between confidences, munching on chips and laughter.

Name: Nastasia Dusapin

Age: 23 years

Occupation: Photographer/Director

Location: Paris

Her blog and her portfolio.

I asked her some questions and I’ll let you dive into her imagination, her poetry and the poignant beauty of her images often captured on the spot.

What made you want to start photography?
At first, I had a passion for cinema. I was dreaming of making movies. After a precious encounter, I started photography, then I entered the French photography school Les Gobelins. It really became obvious that this is what I wanted to do for a living. And now I am progressively returning to the video. Moving images illustrating the music, it comes as a complement to the picture, as a means of expression to tell stories.

What do you want to express in your pictures?
I think I was trying to escape some difficult moments of life by creating a new world for me of dreams, pure moments of freedom. I want to show a certain innocence and project an idyllic world.

What are your plans in the near future?
A project of a personal short film about craziness, the fragility we have in us. To be continued! And also working on look books, editorials, music videos and plenty of other personal projects.

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