All the world’s flowers

México is a country where we have flowers all year long.

Not only in the spring, when the cities are filled with purple carpets beneath the jacarandas’ purple sky. The rest of the year, flowers adorn the trajineras’ floral arches. Or the traditional dresses of the Tehuanas.

Being a country of such floral mood, we love flowers no matter where they come from and we celebrate, for example, that our siblings’ Benetton blogs are also filled with flowers: in Italy nobody is afraid of mix prints. It’s these posts that have inspired us to join the floral wave.

Kit Lee, the Benetton UK blogger goes even further and dresses with flowers from head to toe!

If you share our fascination, take a quick journey to a Benetton boutique and fill your wardrobe, and your life, with flowers.

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