And this is my Soho

Karaköy: 1st – The port neighborhood where, using its rundown pier, I go to Kadıköy. Weekdays, including Fridays, the last boat is at 11 P.M. 2nd – The healing therapy room in which I get rid of my hang-over with bacon and eggs and Russian salad at Namlı.
3rd – The town where I cure the Monday blues at Sebo Börek (Its hot dog will be the theme of another article). 4th – The local IKEA where you can buy screws, insect repellants, umbrellas, iPhone covers, knives, adhesive stickers, meatballs, honey, preserves and whatever you may need in its aisles.
5th – St Benoit French High School and all day incessant jammed traffic is here in this neighborhood! 6th – Look at these buildings, ignoring the oldness and the dirt. How glorious they are! This is what I would say if I were writing a Wikipedia article on Karaköy.

The neighborhood modernized itself with the fact that there are no available tables at Karaköy Balıkçısı and Karaköy Lokantası, the led lights on Fusuli’s sign, Galata Port cab station, and Maya that has daily menus à la New York. On a Sunday, it created spiritual changes in my personal history. I wander around saying I need to find a Loft in Karaköy, I should live there, I must chat at the local hair salon and I shall buy oranges from the cart at the corner. There are five main reasons for this epiphany:

Bej Kahvesi where you can eat German bread with jam and butter, Eggs Benedict and frankfurters with potatoes and right at its back street there is, Kağıthane, where you can buy modern Istanbul souvenirs.

Manâ art gallery, where there is Douglas Gordon’s video and photography exhibition; Phantom. Gordon is from Glasgow, was born at 1966 and he has a Turner award.

Karabatak Kahvesi, where there are books to discover, good coffee, oh so good-looking girls and even a bicycle.

At Artsümer there is Ceren Oykut’s Mayom İçimde (My bikini is under my clothes) exhibition. She recounts machinized, dehumanized people with her lines.

During December İstanbul Modern Cinema shows nine movies of Aki Kaurismäki, one of the best directors of Finnish cinema with the actor Kati Outinen.

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