Are uniforms good for students?

School uniforms reduce tensions and violence between peers.

Young kids who belong to baby gangs are not allowed to wear the colours or symbols of their clan and can’t wear over-sized clothing in which they could hide drugs or weapons.

An encyclopaedia of school uniforms – containing 300 schoolgirl uniforms used in real Japanese schools – was recently published in Japan. The book is on sale on specialist websites and costs under 25 euros.

Clockwise from top left: Students at Jin Sa Jiang Road Football School, Shanghai, China; Buddhist monks in Bodh Gaya, India; Schoolgirls in uniform, New Delhi, India; Schoolgirls at the Kaffarou Islamic Institute, Damascus, Syria

Students at Grassroots College in Kingston, Jamaica

Schoolboys play tug-of-war during Annual Sports Day in Hiroshima, Japan



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