Barbie’s best friend

Barbie's best friend - Blog Benetton

We think Benetton is a great platform for international inspiration exchange!

That’s why, we are very pleased to introduce our very first monthly guest, Ana Gomes who is the girl behind one of the most followed blogs in Portugal called A Melhor Amiga da Barbie (translating it – Barbie’s Best Friend), besides that Ana also writes about music and theatre for some major Portuguese publications.

Ana imagines herself as a best friend of the most famous doll in the world, she loves pink and finds a day without Benetton something extremely boring. We asked Ana to create a project using a Barbie and the clothes for Benetton’s new summer collection…and her idea turned into something very fun: If Barbie goes on holiday, what will she take in her bag?

Barbie's best friend - Blog Benetton

Inspired by this idea Ana shows us the Benetton looks that Barbie would take within her travel bag, for an extended and sophisticated weekend, with warm sands and waters, somewhere in Brazil or the Caribbean.

The challenge was successfully accomplished, and the result is very Benetton, very colorful and provocative, though perfectly balanced with timeless and classical notes. Thank you very much Ana!

Barbie's best friend - Blog BenettonBarbie's best friend - Blog BenettonBarbie's best friend - Blog Benetton

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