Bathing suit evolution

Half of the world’s population, from the US to northern Australia, passing through Italy, is about to welcome summer.

It’s almost time to go to the seaside, enjoy the sun, bathe, but above all it’s time to face the swimsuit season. Now, are you ready for it? Everyone for themselves.
I would imagine that this time of the year was less challenging for those who used to live at the beginning of the ‘900s when beachwear both for men and women was less scanty than now.

Going back in time, I must recognize that there is a common process in the evolution of the beachwear both for her and him: a gradual reduction in the size of the bathing suits.

Beachwear for him over the decades can be easily summarized in the 2-piece bathing suit (often shorts and tank tops), trunks and slip. The last two are still very much used today. On the contrary, throughout the ages, women’s swimwear has changed drastically. A real revolution!

From the full-coverage gowns that revealed very little during the Belle Époque to swimsuits that highlighted silhouettes and were suitable for sunbathing, up to the end of the II World War, which saw the triumph and explosion of the bikini.

That process overlaps with a big feminine behavior change, a new perception of the body and a gradual loss of inhibition. For swimwear, as for jeans, cinema divas in the 50s contributed very much to its popularity.

Today’s swimwear both for her and him is very fashionable. There is a wide variety suited to all body types. Shall we wait for further revolutions in this field? Of course.
History, like fashion, repeats itself, what about a revisited contemporary version of the “bathing gowns”?



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