Beach Do’s & Dont’s

Summer is approaching very fast and almost everyone dreams about spending a few days at the beach. Getting ahead, we have prepared this post with our top tips for those amazing days in the sun and by the sea.

Beach Do and Dont - Blog Benetton

DO. Always, always use sunscreen.

Never sunbathe without protection. There are physical methods and chemical methods to protect you. Physical are (for example) a hat or an umbrella or anything than stop the passage of the sun. The chemicals are creams with SPF. The higher the SPF number, contrary to what some people think, doesn’t mean “how much” it protects you from the sun but “how long” it protects you. The higher the number also means you have more chemical components.

DO. Sunbathe at the best hours.

Try not to expose yourself to the sun’s rays when they are more direct. The best times to sunbathe are before 10 am and after 4 pm, but everything depends on the geographic location in which you are, it may be that at 4 pm the sun still is very direct.

DO. Alternate your swimwear.

If you are a woman, use two or three different swimsuits so you don’t get the straps tattooed. While you’re at the beach, the bikini strap marks are even sexy, but when you return to the city and to your daily clothing, tan lines can ruin a good outfit. If you use different swimsuits every day, you minimize the possibility of returning with too obvious bikini marks.

Beach Do and Dont - Blog Benetton

DO. Eat carrots.

If you want a good tan, it’s best to start from within. Before you go to the beach eat carrots so that your skin is more receptive to acquiring a beautiful tan.

DONT. Never, ever, for any reason leave trash on the beach.

There’s no valid excuse in the world to leave trash on the beach. Cigarette butts are trash. Small wraps too (candy or chewing gum). Always carry a plastic bag to put your little trash in and when you leave, deposit it in the right place.

DONT. Do not use leather bags on the beach.

Perhaps you simply love your black leather bag. Maybe it might be big enough to store a water bottle, sunglasses, a book, camera, etc.. You may think it’s the best choice because your stuff will be protected from sand. But a leather bag on the beach is as absurd as a cow at sea. Better choose a fabric or plastic straw bag with fun colors.

Beach Do and Dont - Blog Benetton

DONT. Do not be ashamed of your body.

We are not all models, nor do we look like girls in advertising. In fact, it is best to stay in shape for your health and welfare, but nobody really cares if you haven’t got a perfectly sculpted abdomen. Do not hide yourself underneath large shirts, enjoy the holidays and enjoy yourself! And if you do not like something about yourself, then think about changing it. Excessive hair can be waxed. If you are overweight, you can go away with a healthy diet and exercise. Too white skin tans. Love yourself more!!

Are you ready for summer?

Beach Do and Dont - Blog Benetton

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