Beachwear for the city

Beachwear for the city - Blog Benetton

Beach clothing doesn’t have to stay on the beach. There are some clothes and accessories that you can wear, properly combined, in the city.

Bags like the ones in the picture above are perfect for everyday use during the hot summer days. They have zippers so you do not have to worry about your belongings and also have a considerable size to carry everything you need.

Beachwear for the city - Blog Benetton

Handbags like the ones of the following picture are perfect for school or at the gym. But beach collections aren’t only accessories. Take for example this pair of cute dresses. You can use them as blouses if you combine them with your favorite jeans (preferably skinny and bright colors). The green one also can be worn as a dress if you combine it with a basic cotton top, close to the body.

And finally, a cheery blouse and a versatile set. Do you love all of it? We bet you do!

Beachwear for the city - Blog Benetton

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