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Beer DIY - Blog Benetton

Of all the ‘DIY Projects’ that we have proposed to you this is possibly the most complicated but in no way does this detail detract from the fun. Making your own beer, bottling it and labeling it with the name that you want and then drinking it with your friends or family sounds like fun to us.

First, a bit of theoretical data: beer is made of barley grains or other grains in which the starch is fermented with yeast and water often flavored with hops and / or some other plants (or even fruit).

Beer DIY - Blog Benetton

The beer is classified according to its type of fermentation, but also its ingredients. Then there are many other classifications according to body or color. The world of beer is fascinating, although the theory behind if does not enjoy the same popularity as that of wine. The courses to appreciate wine in all its aspects are common, those for beer, less so. But there are many things that can be learned as an autodidact with a little curiosity and an Internet connection.

Beer DIY - Blog Benetton

For example did you know that ‘stout’ is particularly robust and among the brands there are even chocolate flavored stouts? Or that a “lager” is a bottom-fermented beer? Or that Japanese sake is, somehow, a type of beer?

All this, and more, you can learn on your own. But making your own beer is something that comes out better if you learn it in company. Not only is it fun, but it also lowers costs by buying supplies with a team of friends.

Beer DIY - Blog BenettonBeer DIY - Blog Benetton

Of course, we’re not talking about you quitting your job and devoting yourself to selling beer (or who knows) but rather acquiring a new hobby. And if you love beer why not take it more seriously? If you don’t know where to start, go to Google and hit “Making homemade beer + (your city name)” and see what options you have. Cheers!

Photos copyrught Héctor Barrera

Beer DIY - Blog Benetton

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