Benetton and Estanpintando∆ are painting the city

A while ago we talked about the artists of Estanpintando∆ in our blog, and of course, a lot of people loved their work but we loved it even more.

That’s why at the Benetton Chile office we decided to work with them in a huge project of urban intervention, in order to recover and give some color to neglected sectors of the city of Santiago. The place chosen for the first part of this project was Av. Presidente Riesco and Av. Manquehue, a very busy street near a forgotten park.

So on November 7th the girls started to paint the mural of 140 mt2, and the “art effect” was instantaneous! You could see how every person who walked by stopped to look at what they were doing, and during the rush hour you couldn’t hear any honking because drivers were “distracted” watching the painting.

Now, some weeks later, the mural is almost done and it has been all over the local news! People came to visit with their kids, took a lot of pictures, some have uploaded those pics in Twitter with the hashtag #muralbenetton, and we (Benetton and Estanpintando∆) have received a lot of lovely comments about it. You can’t imagine how nice it is for us to see how this kind of project can change people’s mood, and make their day better.

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