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We think that most successful kind of fashion blogs are the personal style ones.

Apparently we all love to peek into the lives of others… Communities of guys dedicated to showcase their looks and style are great: from Lookbook up to Chicisimo (in Spanish) and of course our initiative in this sense: It’s My Time (we take this opportunity to remind you that It’s My Time is still very alive!). So anyone desires it can open a profile and upload pictures of their style to share with “the rest of the world.”

We make this post in order to share with you some mexican fashion blogs that we think you should know. Because they are full of good ideas for getting dressed and because we love their authors.

Moda Capital
Gaby started her blog two years ago and now is truly successful. She combines fashion posts with photos of herself where sometimes the environment is a very known corner of the city. Its basics are dresses and heels and she can go easily romantic Sunday morning looks to night glam party outfits.

TaoOm Blog
TatoOm is playful and she likes heart glasses or ribbons in the head. Is a master at the art of using accessories and much of her success lies in her bilingual posts (English and Spanish).

Why not Mexico
Also in English and Spanish, one the last Patti’s post is called Simple is better. That’s the whole philosophy of her blog. Patti shares fashion news in general besides her own outfits. What we like the most about Patti is that she really could be your classmate but her way of combining the clothing is pretty nice. So head out to her blog to fill you with ideas of what you could do with your own clothes.

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