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Blue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog Benetton

When Benetton released the latest campaign with the multicolor haired model Chloe Norgaard, I remember telling you about my passion for pastel hair.

If the color pink perfectly fits with blondes, brunettes who don’t want to be left out, even when it’s about crazy hairstyles, have found their color: blue!!! And indigo hair is seriously becoming more trendy than the marshmallow hue. Whether it’s strong or more pastel, the hair is blue from the roots to the tips.

I finished the article saying this: “On a photo shoot, yes!” But what about real life? What happens if, tomorrow, I also want to dye my hair pink?

Blue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog Benetton

Honestly, nothing is gonna happen, because I put this in the same category as getting my belly pierced: something I might actually never be brave enough to do. Because, if you are not a model, an underground hairdresser or a sales assistant at American Apparel, it’s difficult to assume such a look.

But maybe, I shall never say: “Fountain, I won’t drink your water”, because maybe I will be the first to be surprised and yield to the temptation of having Little Pony hair for the summer. Watch this space!

Well… Surprise! After 4 hours of patience and tips bleaching, I did it! A new style for me or just a summer frenzy, only the future can answer this question, but in the meantime, I love it!

Photo credits: Zoé Kovacs

Blue hair - Blog BenettonBlue hair - Blog Benetton

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