Boca do Lobo, that’s how we design

It was a few years ago that I discovered Boca do Lobo’s work and I just surrendered myself.

The first piece I saw was Soho, a sideboard with many different drawers. Beautiful and really original. Lovely. Since then, I’m always keeping an eye on their releases and news. And despite not having enough money to buy even a third of a piece (unfortunately, they’re too expensive), it is still a pride that there is a Portuguese brand like this. So forward-looking and with a vision so unique and creative.

Boca do Lobo was created in 2005 in Rio Tinto (north of Portugal), and since then has been unstoppable. The pieces are made by national craftsmen, which proves that what is national is really good. I leave with you some of my favorites pieces. And I will keep on sighing.

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