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Bold brows - Blog BenettonBold brows - Blog Benetton

The eyebrow is undeniably the new playground of beauty.
Bleached a few seasons ago, over plucked a decade ago, eyebrows are more than ever part of the make-up process and must be done, like the rest of the face, to make you (even more) beautiful.

Is it because of the new fashion icons that are almost still teenagers and haven’t given up to the beauty standards yet or a tribute to Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ali Macgraw…, but what is sure is that in 2013, eyebrows are worn bold, bushy and wild.

Good news, you can give your tweezers some rest, don’t touch your eyebrows, and keep them NA-TU-RAL.

Bold brows - Blog BenettonBold brows - Blog BenettonBold brows - Blog Benetton

If, like me, you used the tweezers too much when you were young, don’t worry!
Do your eyebrows with a pencil (choose a brighter color than your hair) and draw their shape, thicken their line.
The result: a stronger look that will give you (more) character (than you already have). Do like Cara (Delevingne), Arizona (Muse), Lily (Collins) and their friends…

And for the make up, do nude eyes: banish coloured eye shadows and infinite eye liners, and choose natural colours to accentuate the colour and shape of your eyes. You can also draw a shadowed line under the eye but nothing more. Because… you will bet on your mouth. Bright red, more burgundy, orange or even pink, find the colour that suits you best and put some lipstick on!

Wear a basic pull over, slim pair of jeans, nice stilettos and you’ll be on top form. Natural,feminine, chic. Everything that you are… and even better!!!

Bold brows - Blog BenettonBold brows - Blog Benetton

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