Brazil: running on all cylinders for kick-off

So many have been on the edge of their seats awaiting this year’s version of the World Cup 2014, a date on the calendar that, in recent months, has led some to associate Brazil with the joys and emotions that such an event is due to stir up. And who’s to say they aren’t spot on? Such a correlation, for men that is, would be beyond inevitable. And then, right by their side stands us girls, who quite frankly just don’t make these kinds of connections.

There are those of us who daydream about being beachside, with a sunset backdrop for drinks with friends and an ocean filled with windsurfing acrobats and people just having a good time. That’s us, the women, the other half of this world, those of us who don’t hold back the complaining for the overbearing yelling or the spilled beer left on cushions – battle scars after every football session has concluded at home – who then turn around and, who knows why, can’t help but get sucked into the tension and emotion that goes hand in hand with the thrilling wait up until the start of the World Cup.


In the meantime, it’s got us thinking: four years have just flown by, another whole four years, my goodness!
And yet there’s no escape: that nationalist pride, which hovers around the world from one end to the other, never seems to let up.

And while some are busy turning their homes into a makeshift round-the-clock viewing theatre, Brazil has battled through controversies and disputes practically one after another. Regardless of how they got there, the countdown has reached its end. The opening match, involving the host nation against challenger Croatia, is set for 12 June at 17:00 local time.


Through it all, Brazil is really building momentum as the place to be. Travel agencies have been smothered by requests and tickets are selling like nobody’s business. It’s a sight for sore eyes that has managed to rally observers from every single continent, something that the country’s exotic backdrop certainly also plays into.

And just like that, we can’t help but think back to the destination: ocean, beaches, sun, exotic dancing and moonlight. Such a combination creates a stew of uniqueness like no other, whether it be how the languages and cultures coexist, or how it offers a vast range of opportunity and flavour. In fact, only here can a bustling city hide within its borders the poetry of each individual neighbourhood. In no other place can you go dancing barefoot until the wee hours of the morning to then wind up at the beach to a watch a magnificent display of kite surfers guiding themselves to safety while colouring the waves in the distance.

Only in Brazil would you be lucky enough to find every sort of attraction this world has to offer, whether it be sand dunes or sculptures engrained into rocks, or white beaches and virgin crystal lagoons.
Even the most divine beings themselves would have trouble believing their own eyes.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2013

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And so, the next question that sparks our interest: how can we turn such awe-inspiring scenery into our very own summer beachwear?

Undercolors of Benetton was pondering the same exact thing, and in hopes of not missing even the smallest nuances that give life to Brazil, it has put the country at front and centre for its latest 2014 catalogue! As one may have expected, the results have certainly been worth the wait. Nature, rhythm, music, culture and energy all pave the way for swimwear and accompanying accessories that mix all kinds of colours and patterns: spanning from classic tones to bright shades, spotted motifs to multicolour designs. Whether it be fuchsia or emerald, or blue or purple, you’ll be ready to shine as you take on the cool beachside breeze while sporting exotic prints, rouches and frills.


This seductive land seems to have the power of infinite splendour, not only for its cheer or rich yet contrasting history, not only for its deep and enchanting forests full of marvellous creatures, not only for its captivating beat best-known for its dances and celebration… but also for how life there is a perpetual reflection of this, inspiring Undercolors to encompass the many aspects of the daily grind of a country that is constantly evolving. Only one rule applies: mix and match patterns and shapes without looking back, taking a page out of the ever-lasting spirit of the Carioca’s book.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2013

And the rest goes without saying: the World Cup goes hand in hand with summer. And what could be better? Polishing off that beachside look while keeping an eye on the green and gold could be the way to go to get some much needed results.
Whether you’re superstitious or not, your sacred pre-match rituals may not always suffice to help your team in times of need. With that being said, we’ll part ways as we all get ready to cheer like there’s no tomorrow and await the on-field results to crown the true champion… At that point, however, if you are less than satisfied with the winner, there’s always the cool emerald ocean just a dip away, waiting to be taken advantage of in your new outfit!




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