Buenos Aires lives out on the street!

Everywhere in the world, artists are leaving closed walled galleries and museums and use streets, pavements and wagons as canvas. Buenos Aires is certainly one of the capitals of this freedom act.
If you are strolling the streets of this romantic city, you should walk near Belgrano, between Juramento and Echeverria, by Cazadores, at the corner of Sucre or along Dragones, at the street of Olazabal; between Malabia and Armenia in Palermo, at the railroad in Niceto Vega, at Serrano, Pasaje Darwin, Castillo streets.

5 famous street artists:

Cabaio Stencil
Santiago Spirito, otherwise known as Cabaio Stencil, began painting the walls of Arjantin during the recession of 2001. He was a member of Vomito Attack, who are strong on the political discourse side. At 2007 he left Vomito Attack, he appropriated an apolitical standing and went on his own. Since that day, he uses the walls as canvas and his paint as a kaleidoscope.

Nicolás Romero is a graffiti artist. At the end of the 90’s, he began painting portraits with the inspiration he got from his exes, his friends, and from the unknown faces on the streets. Afterwards, he turned into a painter without a gallery.

Jaz (Franco Fasoli) is one of the most famous graffiti artists of Buenos Aires since the 90’s. He uses unordinary materials such as asphalt and oil and paints as though he was using watercolor. Lastly, he is opposed to soccer fanatics in his work.

When Mart began painting the trains of Buenos Aires he was 12 years old. As he got older, his painting matured with him and turned him into an animation artist. This kid who grew up in Palermo, now is internationally known.

Triángulo Dorado
This group, whose members are Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Pedro Panichelli (Hombre Tiki) and Francisco Ferreyra (Lema), takes inspiration from a variety of fields; from expressionist painters to urban life. The life-like faces, placed onto super-natural bodies are their ideogram.
Important notice: if you would like to go on a graffiti tour, get educated on the issue, here is your Buenos Aires address.

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