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Caine's Arcade - Blog Benetton

Today, I wanted to share with you a story that particularly touched me lately. The video already made some buzz in 2012 but the story is coming to us just now.

Let me introduce you Caine, he lives in Los Angeles, and he’s 9 years old.
After spending his holidays building arcade games with salvaged cardboard from his dad’s used auto parts store, Caine installed himself in the back end of the store to wait for customers. Everything had been home made, from the concepts of the games, to the design of the installation, right through to the tickets for playing.

Caine's Arcade - Blog Benetton

Unfortunately, the customers didn’t come. Not a single game lover stopped by to play. Until one day, a film maker walked into the shop and was immediately seduced by the project of the young boy. To discover the rest of the story, I let you watch the movie he made. And I’m sure you’ll be touched too!

Since then, after the success of the project, a foundation was created to raise funds to finance the future studies of Caine. Imagine what the young genius of innovation can become!

Caine's Arcade - Blog Benetton

The moral of this little story is that it’s great to see what a boy this age is able to accomplish at a time when we ask ourselves serious questions about the new generations. And in a world where we are over connected to social networks, we still can gather our energies in a single aim: give a smile to a kid.

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