Capri: a timeless Island

Resting like a mirage in the Gulf of Naples, Capri is a treasure to be rediscovered time after time.

Among the world’s most acclaimed tourist attractions, the pearl of Naples has forever been enveloped by a magical aura!Founded by the Greeks, inhabited by mermaids, visited by artists and writers since the belle-époque, favored by the emperors Augustus and Tiberius, Capri has never failed to grab the attention of both famed personalities and us common mortals.

Over time, nobles and poets have given way to political figures, VIPs and the jet set, but the charm of Capri has not changed in the slightest.


Those fortunate enough to enjoy it have a difficult time taking their eyes off the vast clear waters that encircle its shores, a cobalt blue sea that acts as a suitable reflection for the colours of the sky and the rich ever-green vegetation. During the halcyon days, an onlooker’s eyes can’t help but run freely over the motionless, mirror-like water, ruffled only by the sky and sea vessels that pass through every day.


Gliding along the confines on board a small punt or a robust motorboat, you are en route to a world-renowned underwater cavity, waiting for your mesmerised gaze. The Blue Grotto is an enchantment the never disappoints anyone, not even the hordes of tourists that continue to flock time and time again to rediscover its beauty.



From the bevelled coastline, rich with coves and bays, you can leisurely climb up to Piazza Umberto I – known as la “Piazzetta” – where the scene is set by a picturesque horizon and coffee patrons savouring an ancient fortress inlaid in the cliffs, which was once constructed as protection from the raids of pirates looking to ransack its peace and beauty.

Capri’s own dolce vita can be found here, sitting at an outdoor table, between a chat and a croissant, where the day gives way to the evening lights, where boys get together to kick off the long starry nights with music, nights full of tranquility and good prospects.


By day, however, don’t miss out on a visit to the Gardens of Augustus, a series of flower-covered terraces from which you can admire both the Faraglioni and the mesmerising hairpin bends of Via Krupp, an architectural work of rare beauty that connects the historic town centre to the resort area of Marina Piccola. It was once used by German magnate Alfred Krupp as a tranquil pathway to the beach. It was build because he desired direct road to his lodgings overlooking the sea, a whim that we can be proud of today.


This backdrop, with its peaceful bays and never-ending crystal blue expanses, was used for the new United Colors of Benetton Collection pictures, which serve as an homage to the magnetism of the Italian spirit. The sets for the shoot chosen to portray the garments of the 2014 season are the same ones that have been immortalised many times over by filmmakers who have seen this as the most suitable location to tell their stories on film, further contributing to the myth of the island.

This myth is reflected in the colours and lines of the new collection, which combines lightweight fabrics and a mix of patterns, from checked shirts to striped jumpers to shorts with allover print. Designed to keep you outdoors, enjoying the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun in the company of friends, finally free to be yourself, to laugh and play… even among the waves.


Capri, not surprisingly, seems perfect. A land otherworldly in every sense, an ideal stage to entertain the desires, to come back from time to time, even if only in thought, to breathe in the beauty and then emerge refreshed.




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