Cardboard fun

Cardboard fun - Blog BenettonCardboard fun - Blog Benetton

Another weekend ahead, another opportunity to undertake a DIY project.
If you have kids, you probably know the endless fun that cardboard boxes give them. Even children more involved in digital issues drop a smartphone if you propose them fun activities. Try this and tell us the results.

Perhaps the youngest kids are not familiar with rotary-dial phones but we are sure they will love to have one when they discover the concept. In this blog you can see step-by-step instructions to build one. If you make two and communicate between them with old cans and string, the fun is more than guaranteed.

Cardboard fun - Blog Benetton

How about a bed for their favorite doll? The price is ridiculously low and the time you spend helping children will be invaluable. Click here.

If children at home are a little bigger or if you have a family meeting and there will be a small group of kids, go on an adventure of medieval knights against the dragons. All they need for the challenge are swords. Everyone can make his own sword and you only need cardboard, foil and some glue. Of course, girls can also defeat the dragon.

And for the most creative: pizza or ink stamps.

Cardboard fun - Blog BenettonCardboard fun - Blog Benetton

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