Ciao! Introducing Italy’s Benetton Blogger

I love fashion, traveling, reading, going shopping with my girlfriends, laughing, dreaming, going wild at concerts, attending the coolest events in my city, Milan, and feeding off all the positive energy that the people around me can give off.

If I should pick a color to describe me, it would be pink, no doubt: delicate and natural, it is a universal symbol of love and sweetness. It is the color of femininity par excellence. In its different nuances pink can be warm, deep and lively and I’m just like that!

My name is Silvia and I’m 30 years old (but hey, you can tell me I look younger, that’s not a problem) and I really like to talk about and share everything that draws my attention, my daily experiences and my shopping adventures.

From now on you’ll find me here, talking about what’s going on in the Fashion Capital of the World! I’m going to get you in to the most exclusive events in Milan and to inform you about the trends that rule this cosmopolitan city. We’ll meet the guys who turned their lives around while pursuing their dreams and those who are still working on it.

We’ll talk about outfits, trends, shopping and, of course, we’ll fall in love with Benetton!
Are you ready for this new adventure? I most definitely am! Actually, I just can’t wait!

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