Cocktails for the summer

Cocktails for the summer - Blog Benetton

Here comes August! Summer, sun, beach and days that never end.

No matter what your holiday destination is, there is nothing better than a nice fresh and fruity cocktail to get you in the mood!

Probably the most summer-like drink there is, is the Brazilian Caipirinha. To make one all you need is Ice, Sugar, Lime and Cachaça. Preparation: cut the lime into small pieces, put them in a glass with the sugar and squash well with a pestle. Then you just add the Cachaça and ice and mix it well together.

Cocktails for the summer - Blog Benetton

But you can also make a nice fresh beverage from “good old” Portuguese wines. For example, if you mix rosé wine with freshly squeezed orange juice, add a hint of peppermint and lots of ice, you have a lovely sangria-like drink, perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Cocktails for the summer - Blog Benetton

Or if sweet drinks aren’t your thing, you can always make a nice wine & tonic, with a dry white wine and tonic water and a touch of lemon and peppermint.

But this is just a small list… there are so many cocktails to learn, all really delicious!

Cocktails for the summer - Blog BenettonCocktails for the summer - Blog Benetton

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