Coffee Time!

Coffee Time! - Blog Benetton

While yesterday we thought about the beach, reality in México City is rainy (very rainy).

That, and the barely 19ºC, made us need coffee desperately. So today we want to recommend a very chic place that combines two of the things we like: Mexican design and delicious coffee: Cielito Querido.

Cielito Querido is a coffee house franchise whose interior design was created by the industrial designer Héctor Esrawe in collaboration of Esrawe Studio. We love it because it could not be more Mexican, you can recognize the DNA of the place at first sight, but it is also a global and cosmopolitan world.

Coffee Time! - Blog Benetton

The design of Cielito Querido is inspired by illustrated graphics from the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century, as seen in the work of Latin American sign makers, taking the aesthetic values of Latin American popular culture and reinventing it in a Neo-Retro style that fuses the graphics of the colonies, both French and Spanish, with the communication of the big 50’s department stores.

And we almost forgot about the most important thing! The coffee!

Coffee Time! - Blog Benetton

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