Color Indigo

Color Indigo - Blog Benetton

Blue is one of the hottest colors this winter. With all its nuances we can really make a memorable impression, combining them with dark brown or black.

Some people call this color Indigo and others call it cobalt blue, it is the most saturated color that adorns sweaters, dresses, coats, but also accessories.

It creates a strong, distinct and aristocratic sense of fashion in anyone who chooses to wear it. In the theory behind color, this saturated shade of blue symbolizes power and performance.

Color Indigo - Blog Benetton

I decided to add to my wardrobe this positive tone sweater, which has a very interesting application of matted wool in stunning bright colors. I combine it with a jacket and polyester trousers in black, all from the winter collection of Benetton. My gloves and my hat are 100% wool and they are extremely warm.

The bag print resembles coarse weave, extremely impressive, you can find it in gray and yellow also. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by Benetton and I found everything I needed for the recent cold days. My pet will also enjoy warm clothing in the same modern blue.

Color Indigo - Blog Benetton

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