Color therapy

Color therapy - Blog Benetton

Color therapy invades our lives, and more than ever at this time of year when the heat really begins. It must be all this sun!

Leave behind the muted colors of winter and dive into the millions of tones that Benetton offers us this summer. The new beachwear collection just fascinated me, you just have to see these printed bikinis and these necklaces, so original, aren’t they?

Color therapy - Blog Benetton

And for me, thinking of the brand for which I write this blog is to think in color. Colors that always elicit a smile and encourage us inside without us knowing it. Color therapy has much to do with it; the science that studies how color affects us inside and out.

And you, what is the color that best defines you? What are your favorites? Mine are pink and blue, but honestly, with all the wonderful colorful clothes around us today, I could not choose!

Color therapy - Blog Benetton

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