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Colorful Doors - Blog BenettonColorful Doors - Blog Benetton

We are in November but the weather is still warm. That warmth makes us ask “what should I wear today?” We guys have big questions on our minds about colors. I think if you choose right color combination, then all men can wear colorful trousers. And it will make you so cool. Of course you must choose the right accessories and shoes. But which colors are right? Which colors are good with which clothes?

So the answers that we are looking for are inside us, and in nature. We should look very carefully for them. Then we can find the answer, and beauty as well. For example, as a fashion blogger, everybody is asking me: “Göze, what do you think about the colors I wear? Or which color would suit my outfits?” I usually answer the same thing: “Go and look yourself at the mirror then you can find the answer. But you should also take a look at nature, people or even doors.” For example, the old door says to us we can use green with brown.

Colorful Doors - Blog BenettonColorful Doors - Blog Benetton

So why the Door?
Doors are important. Everything starts at the door, and finishes at the door
. The door is a key to get places. Every culture uses it in different ways. Behind the door there are some secrets as well. In architecture we can see the how people use doors. Other than this, we have a saying: “should we knock on one door forty times, or forty doors one time.” I think the second is better.

Let’s open the door of our wardrobe to colorful pants! And open our door to humans and universe… I hope your unique colors will open some different doors for you.

Colorful Doors - Blog BenettonColorful Doors - Blog Benetton

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