Colors with Love

For Christmas 2011 COLORS Magazine gave to Libya an art installation by Fabrica: Unhate Dove.

COLORS gave this gift to the city of Tripoli as a sign of peace and hope. The big sculpture in the shape of a dove is covered with more than twenty-two thousand used bullet casings, picked up from conflict zones around the planet.

We tell this story of the Unhate Dove in a special issue of Colors. We also tell the stories of the people in those zones where the shell casings that cover the sculpture were recovered.

From Syria to México, through Palestine and Colombia, this issue of Colors tells stories of imprisoned lives, far from the liberty of choosing on which side you want to be. But there are also love stories of the ones that resist in the defense of life.

Luis Enrique Villa, a citizen of Ciudad Juarez, is a florist. This year he delivered flowers for 300 funerals and for 6 weddings. The time is not for marriages right now, he said to us.

Whoever finds a bullet casing finds a trace of death, not his, by miracle. But you can breath it in the air, it can arrive at any moment and from anywhere. From the right or wrong side? The answer has no value. Because life is the only value to defend.

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