Corona Capital Festival

Corona Capital Festival - Blog Benetton

Years ago, the offer of concerts by foreign artists in Mexico was very limited and frequently the organization of the event was bad (sometimes that has not changed). Music happening in other countries was inaccessible in Mexico and we use to get some vinyls or cassettes when a friend or family went on a trip.

Fortunately times have changed and today the internet allows us to access every corner and with it the immediacy of what’s playing. Now we not only have concerts almost every day and around the corner, but there has also been a rise in festivals and we can see some really interesting proposals.

Corona Capital Festival - Blog BenettonCorona Capital Festival - Blog BenettonCorona Capital Festival - Blog Benetton

That’s the case for the Corona Capital Festival, the festival for indie music lovers that first brought bands like the Pixies, Portishead or Suede to our country.

The poster for this year, the most attractive of its four editions, attracted the largest number of people so far. No doubt playing it safe, as for those ‘in wave’, there were the Arctic Monkeys or Phoenix, in addition to more diverse acts like Deadmau5.

The idea is good, especially when you can’t attend Coachella or Glastonbury. Corona Capital is a big party where everyone hears what he wants to hear, and we were happily surprised with all the new proposals.

Photos: Rodrigo Ibarra

Corona Capital Festival - Blog Benetton

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