Culture museums in Mexico City

A couple of weekends ago we went to two museums that we had never entered before and we enjoyed it so much that we just had to share it. Both are nice places to visit if you take a vacation in Mexico City and you can’t just miss them if you live there.

San Carlos National Museum
Worth visiting even just for the building. The building is worth visiting by itself. The permanent collection is composed of European art from the XVI to XX centuries. The place itself has a great story and the collection is really exciting, it’s exciting to see how the concept of beauty changes in six centuries and it’s a lot of fun to see the sumptuousness of other times. There are a lot of beautiful pieces and others that are just amazing.

National Museum of Cultures
Wikipedia says that this is the one of the oldest museums in México. Founded in 1865, it focuses on presenting past and present cultural diversity. Now it is under construction and that’s why they are only showing a small part of their collection, which is truly spectacular. We recommend it especially for teenagers and readers of Salgari: for example, there is a Samurai armor complete with katanas, which is a top from the hit parade of the museum and a kind of raincoat made out of seal guts that causes adventurers to dream. Each one of the pieces that we saw was worth it. The museum is on Moneda Street (next to the Palacio Nacional, Zócalo metro station on line 2), it opens from Tuesdays to Sundays and entrance is free every day.

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