Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art

Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art - Blog Benetton

Nail art in recent years has become a widespread trend! Many love it, some detest it, but at least once in their lives every girl has tried it. Now someone has decided to propose Cuticle Art, which is the decoration of the cuticle and not just the nail.

These are small tattoos that are reminiscent of those that, as children, we found in the packages of snacks, transferable images that our mothers had to patiently remove with lots of soap. You choose the design or favorite geometric shape and place it on the cuticle, just press a bit, and the design is transferred to your finger.

Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art - Blog Benetton

I prefer real tattoos, but this could be considered a dress rehearsal before having a permanent one, as long as you want to tattoo your cuticle!

These little tattoos can even be used on polished nails and glazed, continuing a pattern started on the finger or even to switch between drawings and create symmetry. There are many ideas, you only need a search engine, a way to buy online and a lot of imagination. You could also draw them by yourself on your fingers, cool!

Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art - Blog Benetton

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