Design and fashion in Milan

Milan has a passionate affair with fashion and design!

The city hosts events all year long, appealing to visitors from all over world, but this is a special week: the “Salone del Mobile” week. The “Salone” is one the most famous and well-attended trade fairs of Milan’s busy calendar: it displays the best of furnishing design, revealing the styles and creative ideas that will set the trends for years to come.

During the Salone week, Milan really seems to come to life and the fair itself becomes the opportunity to go to exclusive parties and admire stunning works of installation art, while the coolest areas of the town morph into open air artworks: this creative, sometimes crazy, collection of events is named the Fuorisalone (literally the “Out-of-the-Salone”) and believe me, it’s really something you don’t want to miss!

This year Benetton joined the “Fuorisalone” by presenting, with Fabrica, several installations and art exhibitions all over the city center: from their store windows to the premises of the showroom, everything has been involved in this project… with amazing results!

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