DIY Project: Asian style pasta

DIY Project Asian style pasta - Blog Benetton

For today’s culinary project we decided to try one of our favorite comfort foods, adapting our practice to share recipes that anyone can prepare, even if you don’t have much experience. This time we simplified a recipe for pasta with chicken and vegetables, adding a touch of ‘Asian’ flavour.

For this recipe we use precooked chicken breast strips and frozen vegetables but if you are more experienced and have more time, you can opt for fresh ingredients, just boil the chicken and vegetables (separately, of course) before starting.

DIY Project Asian style pasta - Blog Benetton

First boil 200 grams of pasta according to the directions on the packet. We recommend moderately wide noodles.

Pour a splash of sesame oil in a saucepan or large skillet, slice a garlic, half an onion and a piece of ginger, and fry everything together. When the onion is clear add the previously cooked chicken (200 grams) and some Teriyaki sauce (the Teriyaki must cover everything).

DIY Project Asian style pasta - Blog Benetton

Stir well and with maximun heat add three cups of vegetables. In the supermarket you can find mixes with “asian” vegetables. The one we chose had broccoli, green beans, peppers, carrots, jicama (Mexican turnip) and baby corn.

Finally, add half cup of shelled peanuts and the cooked and drained pasta. Mix everything with a wooden spoon. The amount of ingredients we used is enough for two, so we served on two plates and added some sesame seeds.

Photos: Hector Barrera

DIY Project Asian style pasta - Blog BenettonDIY Project Asian style pasta - Blog Benetton

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