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DIY project: pesto - Blog Benetton

Have you ever been at a restaurant where a dish takes so long that a customer says “well, have they gone to plant the (insert here the main ingredient)?” Sounds terrible. However, we’ve gone through fast food and now we’re trying slow food, very slooooooow. So slow that you can start by planting one of the ingredients.

Few things are as satisfying as growing your own herbs. You can have the pots in the kitchen, cut them when they need to, dry what you cut, use it to cook later. Is a complete beauty cycle: they adorn your window, and fancy your food. This time we’re talking about growing your own basil.

Once you have your basil, you can try this pesto recipe.

You will need: a bunch of basil, 3 medium garlic cloves, a handful of pine nuts, ¾ of a cup of grated parmesan cheese and a squirt of olive oil. That’s it, instant Italian flavor.

Add generously to some gnocchi or any other pasta. Enjoy your meal!

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