DIYs for summer!

Yeah! The most desired season of the year is here!
Time to escape from routines, jump into the sea, river, pool or even the bathtub (any place full of water applies)… enjoy fresh fruit drinks, play sports outdoors with friends and family. All this sounds appealing and exciting, right?

But guess what? Summer is very long and if your kids are on holiday it gets even longer, that´s why it’s always helpful to have extra activities to do. I have made a selection of creative DIYs using paper that you could try in your free time.

DIYs for summer cardboard horses

Cardboard horses to decorate your wall. Step by step HERE.

DIYs for summer Orchid

Paper orchids to decorate your table, pack a gift or make a headband. Step by step HERE.

DIYs for summer stars

Origami stars to decorate a room and if you add some lights it´s magical! Step by step HERE.

DIYs for summer Cakebox

Cake boxes for late afternoon meals! Step by step HERE.

DIYs for summer Terrarium

And this idea is my favorite! A paper terrarium… find the tutorial HERE.

You have no excuses! You can’t get bored this summer.

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