Don’t hate: UNHATE

UNHATE: non-hatred is the new slogan, the new mantra, peace to the people and reconciliation. In Rome, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Milan, you can see some guerrilla actions in the streets and the Benetton stores windows being covered the one after the other with kisses of important personalities of the international scene in politics and religion. Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Benedictus XVI

The “culture of hate” is not inevitable. The world can be different! This is the strong message of the new global communication campaign UNHATE and it starts today November 16, 2011. First initiative in a long line of actions and community initiatives around the world for the newly created UNHATE Foundation supported by United Colors of Benetton. Alessandro Benetton, Vice President of the Benetton Group has introduced to the world today this exclusive campaign at the flagship store on Boulevard Hausmann Paris.

Alessandro Benetton has talked about tolerance and hopes, to fight against stereotypes and fear of the other. Concepts and ideas that Benetton has consistently advocated and developed since the beginning of the brand. Political leaders, enemies, opponents, friends, neighbors, love one another, embrace your differences! Everyone can communicate, commit and express its own vision of UNHATE. An ambitious campaign to which you can participate, starting by uploading your picture on the Kiss Wall and start kissing the world!

Don’t hate: UNHATE.



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