Dried flowers

Dried flowers - Blog BenettonDried flowers - Blog Benetton

The end of the Summer season has finally come to an end

Yes we will have less daylight and as for the flower lovers and enthusiasts like myself, we prefer to see Summer clusters to last throughout cold Winter months (of course it’s not possible) such as these popularities; Chrysanthemum, cockscomb, freesia, hydrangea, heather, iris and ever so popular peony.

Ever thought of preserving Summer flowers to use for floral arrangement, such as personalising a candle?

Cut lavender is naturally dried whereas hydrangeas and roses are perfect for drying, the preserving/drying technique can be tricky for some if you have no patience. Here’s a tip, use a hair spray, spray over the buds and flower heads, it will discolour and shrink throughout the weeks, and leave the dried flowers in an empty vase. Et voilà!

Dried flowers - Blog BenettonDried flowers - Blog Benetton

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