Eco-Art: Social and Entertaining

Eco-Art, Social and Entertaining - Blog Benetton

When we recycle, we often think that what we collect will go through a machine that will turn it into something else. In most cases it actually happens like this, but making art from scraps is an incredible way to recycle and channel creativity too.

A clear example of this is the project created by the young artist Bruno Tusingwire, who built an amusement park made of plastic bottles. This project was conducted in Uganda, where children are having more trouble than ever (about 600 of them were kidnapped last year when walking in the street without supervision).

Eco-Art, Social and Entertaining - Blog Benetton

That’s why Tusingwire wanted to do something about it and took a lot of bottles and trash that could be reused to create multiple games. The idea was to keep the children in a safe environment, while learning and having some healthy recreation.

Do you know other projects like this one? Do you have any good ideas that you’d like to fulfill?

Tell us about it.

Eco-Art, Social and Entertaining - Blog Benetton

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