Estanpintando in Spanish means literally “they are painting”, and that’s exactly what Coni Larenas and Trini Guzmán are doing.

They are BFF from college, and since that time they always wanted to do something together but didn’t know what, until an extraordinary opportunity came: they were asked to paint the walls of the Pediatric Emergency Center of the Padre Hurtado Hospital.

The project’s purpose was to create a friendly environment for the kids, to distract them from the pain, making the wait easier. So Coni and Trini created for them a surrealist jungle, full of colors and amazing animals, just like a dream.

This experience was so revealing that they decided to take a leap, and see if someone else would be interested in their murals. Some months later, they were painting offices, houses, restaurants… It turned out that their passion became their work.

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