Europe’s Summer Rhythm

“Sì viaggare [Yes, Travelling]…” is our summer inspiration and also the title of a ’77 Lucio Battisti song! He sang it in the years of freedom and transformation, of political clashes, of grand passions, of ideals and of unrest that rattled the streets as well as the hearts of the people who were charged by the rhythm of the best music of all time. As never before, record production seemed to go hand-in-hand with widespread fervor, playing the role of a mirror, amplifying emotions. Its success was far from short-lived, because -as we have come to know- music is powerful, getting to the “real” core of things, striking all the right chords and getting through to people in a way that nothing else can.


Thinking about this summer, lounging around between websites and glossy magazines, in search of a destination for the long-awaited summer break, we found ourselves evaluating Battisti’s original proposal, at the very least as an alternative to the same-old, repetitive beach holiday. Above all, we wanted to find something for all the holiday travel enthusiasts out there. Our idea came down to bringing all the pleasures of travel and the powerful elements of music together. As the saying goes, “Yes, travelling, but to the rhythm of music.

At sea you get bored; in the mountains you need to cover up and be mindful of the rain; on cultural outings you can hear yourself saying, “I would enjoy this, but not so much in this heat… maybe I will think back on Monte Athos in the spring”; for all of you still pondering the ideal way to spend this summer, there is another option to be put on the table.

From July to September, Europe transforms into a huge stage, designed to accommodate the most original and renowned music festivals on the continent, featuring anything from rock to techno, from reggae to pop. The choices won’t disappoint. Below, we give you some of our most interesting recommendations.

The first event on the list is one for the books: the Exit Festival, in Serbia, which takes place from 10th to 13th July. It will be held in Petrovaradin (Novi Sad), in the heart of the Balkans, inside a magical fortress overlooking the Danube. From 15th to 17th July, it will be replicated on Montenegro’s most beautiful beaches. The lineup includes: Gloria Gaynor, Pet Shop Boys, Darmon Albarn, Rudimental Live. Website:


Next in line is the Summer Festival of Lucca (Italy), which will take place from 10th to 26th July. The festival, now in its 17th edition, presents big names like Elisa, Stevie Wonder, Cat Power, Backstreet Boys, Nile Rogers and many others. Website:

From 17th to 20th July, more than 200,000 spectators are expected to turn out for the Festival Les Vielles Charrues, the biggest music event in France, which will be staged in Carhaix, Brittany (France). The line-up includes: Elton John, Franz Ferdninand, Artic Monkeys, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Stromae and The Black Keys. Website:

Immediately trailing behind is the Pop Festival of Vienna, famous for its vibrant and innovative presentations. The public can gather for concerts at the Karlsplatz square and the surrounding area, where Manu Delago, Nazar, Ernst Molden and Schmieds Puls will be performing. Admission is free from 24th to 27th July! Website:


Named by the Guardian as the best festival for brand new music, the MIDI Festival will be held 25th and 26th July at the Villa Noailles, in the French Riviera. The line-up includes: Panda Bear, Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains, John Wizards, Adult Jazz, Childhood and many others. Website:

From 8th to 31st August, the artistry moves on over to Edinburgh for one of the coolest festivals of the season, rallying the best of international opera, music, theatre, and dance.To understand the calibre of this festival, it is of note that Mike Myers, Robin Williams, Hugh Grant, Alan Cumming, Richard E. Grant, and Emma Thompson are just some of the stars passed through here. Website:

The Oslo Jazz Festival is devoted to giving its audience a whole panorama of jazz music: everything from gospel to blues, all the way to Latin jazz and electric comes to life from 11th to 16th August. Children’s concerts and performances by young artists are also showcased. Expect an event that will unfold between the clubs and pubs in the city’s centre. Website:


There are as many choices as there are passions. If, in your case, music and travel are among them, don’t miss the opportunity to experience a summer that beats to the rhythm of your heart.



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