Everything in the bag!

Everything in the bag - Blog Benetton

Handbags are an essential accessory in every female wardrobe.

Otherwise, where would we carry the full amount of things we need to survive every single day? Although there are some basic rules of fashion like that one than dictates never to bring a big bag to an evening event. Also, at weekends every woman prefers a smaller bag than the one for working days. See for example the following purse, perfect for walking around town without unnecessary burden.

Everything in the bag - Blog Benetton

Thinking about all the needs of women, in our spring/summer collection we have big bags to hold everything and others whose prices will surprise you because they are as small as the handbags. We have applied our philosophy of color to our bags as well: all models come in different versions: green, blue, white, black …!

Want a vintage style purse hanging from your shoulder? We have it. Want a spectacular clutch with studs or feather applications for party nights? We’ve got it. Want an all terrain? Or maybe a little bag with short handles and chain? Choose your favorite and tells us what you always carry in your purse!

Everything in the bag - Blog Benetton

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