Express yourself… with a t-shirt!

Spring is here, finally!

We made it through the cold days of autumn and winter, now it’s time to enjoy some warm weather, with the t-shirt becoming one of the most important elements in our outfit.

The tee, mind you, is not just a comfortable, casual and lightweight item of clothing, but also a media for us to express our personality and our moods through multiple combinations of fabric, color and prints.

Benetton really has put a lot of emphasis on the t-shirts in the 2011 spring/summer collection and produced a line whose colors and designs are totally inspired by Pop Art!

I just adore the purple tee, with the sketched image of a fashion girl with red, curly hair. And don’t you love the sleeveless series, with prints of famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Brooklyn Bridge in pure Pop Art style!

For all the “teen souls” out there… a line of t-shirts and dresses with acid colors and super big prints!

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